It's  SUMMER !!!      June/July  1905 - 2006

You too can visit the Fairdaliens this summer!

  It's soon 101 Years!                    

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Centennial Celebration - June, 2005

Where the Jull snow p'ow found work.  On the Soo in ND, April 18, 1907.  Copyright 1907 by G.M. Barsness, Fairdale, ND.

Main street, Fairdale, looking north on a busy fall day.  This photo was on a postcard circa 1900 published by G.M. Barsness.  Thanks to Connie Weberg for submitting the newspaper clipping.  Originally submitted to the newspaper by Kenneth Stensland.

Will you be in the 2005 postcard picture?

Thank you so much for all the donations given  toward expenses for the Fairdale Centennial.  It was so helpful and is greatly appreciated.

Notice the new Fairdale sign as you drive into town from the south.  Helny Ohnstad gave a generous donation for something special and the club decided to purchase this sign.

A number of souvenirs are still available, some have been graciously donated - be sure to collect yours. These (below) are available now in the community center.  

Made & Designed by, with compliments of, Robert B. Iverson

Attendence list follows below.  If we missed you, we apologize - please use this form link to add your name to the list. 

Souvenirs and gifts are now available.  Some descriptions and pictures can be found here.

You might check out the "Fairdale Forum" to see who's been there and add a comment or two or start a new topic if you wish.

There are many people to thank for their help and input - take a look



Look who attended!!

Kelma McGregor
Howard and Marion Hove
Omar and Lavonne Johnson
Gil and Rene Melland
Bergit and Justin Sobak and Eva
Ken and Velma Iverson
Lillian (Berntson) Clemens
Glora (Skytland) Halliday
Everett and Marion Latulippe
Bernice (Hendrickson) and Skip Narum
Tracie (Mathison) and Trent Ivesdal and family
Barbie (Hejlik) and Dean Larson and Sara
Donald Bergquist
Irma Robb
Heleny Ohnstad
Cathy (Hultstrand) Parrot
Juel Hilde's
Grace(Hultstrand) and Ernie Mittemeyer
Elaine (Lee) Finger
Wayne Haug's
Curt Hogfoss
David Torgerson
Judy (Hjelmstad) Brown
Joseph Westby's
Maxine (Amundrud) Tenny
Carol (Hanson) and Myrlin Troftgruben
Darcy Samson and Dave Jeffrey and family
Joanne (Stensland) and Fred Switzer
Marlys (Hogfoss) and Gene Kemmet
Harold and Susan Bergquist
Dolores (Bolstad) and Donald Olson
Melvin Gutterud's
Ruth (Westby) and Bob Jagd
Rick and Linda Westby
Jerry and Rita Westby
Marvin and DelRae Meier
Debra (Holth) and Wayne Flack
Joette (Samson) and Ken Zola and family
Karen (Stensland) and Jim Norman
Barb (Loraas) and Jon Forsgren
Carolyn (Loraas) and Jim Holmlund
Ruby Gunhus
Chuck Hanson
Helen (Overby) Pantley
Marlene (Stensland) and Adin Kleven
Norman Westby's
Eunice (Loraas) and Don Bjornstad
Renae(Hogfoss) and Monte Hanson
Ruth (Mathiason) and Paul Thorson
Art and Avis Haug
Marilyn (Sabie) Bakken
Earl and Charlene McGregor
Lynette(McGregor) and Rick Horn and family
Phyllis (Sunderland) and Victor Koppang
Marjorie (Overby) Fetch
Diane (Johnson) Kaiser
Gary and Della Stensland
Norman and Cheryl Hogfoss
Jay Hogfoss
Caroline (Jensen) Brodehl
Duane and Mary Skare
Donald and Karla Verke
Suellen (Vejtasa) and Tim Zenker and family
Carol (Roppel) and Craig Klein
Linda (Johnson) and Dan Pecka and family
Jo and Alan Ormiston
Nick Gilbertson and Shawn
Edwina (Amundrud) Lian
Lorraine (Hedlund) and Gene Weberg
Lavonne (Bolstad) and Richard Johnson
Jan (Raknem) and Shawn Geizler and family
Bob Himes and family
Steve and Ann Lian
Bonnie (McGregor) and Maynard Stoa
Lila (Okeson) and Leroy Hamre
Becky (Hejlik) and Dale Mann and family
Mark and Janelle Kerr
Marlys (Stoa)and Marvin Buening
Margeret (Haug) and Luther Ylvisaker
Jean (Robb) and Matt Altepeter and family
Mary (Bolstad)
Sherry (Gilbertson) Ness and family
Janet(Lien) and Jerome Nordby
Doris (Mathiason) Moden
Vernon and Shirley Vejtasa
Audry (Vejtasa) and Rory Lorenz and family
Wanda (Aune) and Don Amoth and Haley
Art and Audry Lian
Linda (Lian) and John Millmeier
Hope Dahlgren
Lila (Skare) Lynne
Floyd Aune's
Rod and Janelle Holth and family
Toni  Grauman
Shirley (Okeson) Myrvik
Catherine (Sandvik) and Scott Deering and family
Verna Olson
Becky (Torgerson) Lueck
Elda (Aune) and Ron Watt
Leroy and Betty Stensland
Helen (Johnson) Jenny
Janelle (Holth) and Wayne Waslaski
Betty Holth
Stanley Vejtasa and Alice Nettell
Laverne (Aune) and Ed Stone
Orlan and Evelyn Loraas
Eric and Rachael Loraas
Trent Samson
Alice Robb
Pearl Aune
Shirley (Westby) and Jesse Gustafson
Linda and Cliff Melland
Karen (Monson) and Charlie Chyle and family
Leroy and Carol Monson
Jeff and Kim Monson and family
Teresa (Monson) and Doug Pipal and family
Mavis (Haug) and Henning Sorlien
Gerry McGregor
Lillian (Zumwinkle) Miller
Donna (Preston) and Grant Settingsgard
Cecil and Penny Chally
Heather (Holth) and Bob Foote
Wayne and Gayle Holth
Deidre Holth
Allen and Berniece Myrvik
Mary Jane (Monson) Schmiess
Kathy (Henderson) Johnson
Dorothy (Verke) and Dick Solberg
Dean and Becky Mathiason and family
Nancy (Skytland) Robb
Emma (Lee) Fosdick
Jay Swanson
Mildred (Thrugstad) Axvig
Gary McGregor
Bonlyn (Ormiston) Spidel
Molly Mathiason
Alida Roppel
Bruce and Faith Hanson
Marlys (Chally) and Kieth Sorbo and family
Julie (Hultstrand) Gartner
Adeline (Sunderland) Hurtt
Alida (Hedlund) and Harold Flom
Donald and Alva Stoa
Gladys (Meier) and Irvin Hammer
Bonnie (Johnson) and Ronald Loraas
Grace (Samson) and Ed Kuchar
Russ and Barb (Anderson) Overby
Mary (Torgerson) and Carl Graves
Sharon (Olson) Lovercheck
Carol (Sholey) Levin
Viola Olson Skorheim
Marilyn (Meier) and Don Hegre
Connie (Latulippe) and Leon Weberg
Lorraine (Aune) and Paul Aune
Sharon (Holth) and Ed Loraas
Junis Dostert
Nicole Dostert and Joe Duginski and family
Harold and Eleanor Lee
Kristi (Hammer) and Boyd Hanson and family
Alvin and Shirley French
Lori (French) and Jeff Zaradka and family
Opal and Allen Myrvik
Evelyn(Hammer) and Marvin Skytland
Ken and Val Weberg and Devon
Ellen (Lee) Severson
Michelle Dostert
David Gudvangen
Judy (Johnson) and Marty Wieland and family
Deanna Olson
Angela (Skytland) and Ken Hansen
Ruth Ann (Gunhus)
Oranda (Amundrud) Wilson and Cnythia,  Kristi, Astrid, and Kamille
Diana (French) Graney and family
Irene Westby
Norma (Westby) and Gordon Berntson
Janet (Stoa) and Daryl Krom and Kylie
Chris Loraas
Wayne Skytland and Andrew
Joy Johnson
Mike and Sue Callahan
Orville and Judy Aune
Verlane (Skare) Johnson
Bruce Fagerholt's
Howard Johnson's
Gary French's
Paul and Joyce Torgerson
Glen Wells
Inga Hammer
Gene and Shiela Myrvik
Jeremy Myrvik
Chad Myrvik, Jodie and Hunter
Pat(Johnson) and Dave Fix
Kerry Johnson Sullivan
Jason Loraas
Ryan Loraas
Allen Skavhaug
Merlin and Bev Hammer
David Henderson
Sandy(Mathiason) and Kevin Lenagh
Sandy Hanson Wurgler
Roger Clemens
Dolores McDonald
Allen and Carol Eide
Joe and Donnell Torgerson
Shelly(Torgerson) and Tim Rogers
Vernon and Linda Hammer
Debbie(Mathiason) and Duffy Dieseth
Pete and Linda Torgerson
Greg and Nancy Hammer
Juel and Florence Skytland
Gordon Mathiason
Duane Skare
Diane Mathiason Ness
Dorothy Nye
Bill Robb
Renee (Hanson) and Gary Landsem and Alyssa
Colleen (Gilbertson) Kosieracki
Kelly (Samson) Johnson
Marion (Lian) Raithel
Bob and Mavis Stevens
Rhonda (Stevens) Wentz
Jeanette (Mathiason) Buck
Dawn Mathiason
Bob Chilberg
Loren and Kathy Hamre
Jeff Holth
Jonathan Holth
Jennifer (Holth) and Josef Winkels
Terry and Andrea Hammer and Rand
LeRoy and Marlene Okeson
Ross Hammer
Frain Haug
Eleanore Larson Bishop
Grace Larson Belsaas
Janet Lein Nordby
Michele Dostert
Merle and Betty Mathison
Bob and Heather Foote
Dan and Betty Magone
Mike and Leanne Braaten
Brian Lian
Brad Lian
Antia Lian Larlee, Brian and Jack
Dennis and Carol Hammer
Lyle and Helen Samson
Irene(Skytland) and Louis Solseng
Louann(Clemens) and Terry Thorvilson
Paul and Jeanne Westby
Bob and JoClaire Iverson
David Clemens
Irene (Skytland) & Lewis Solseng
Karen (Gunhus) and Rich Axvig
Jackie (Clemens) & Jerry Lindsay
Erica Lian Carmichael
Sandy Hanson
Connie(Hammer) and Gary Ivesdal
Sara (Hammer) and Shawn Nygard
Kyle Hammer
Helny Ohnstad
Pearl Kotaska
Kaye (Anderson) Fursteneau
Monica (Fauske) Hejlik




Fairdale   Centennial Celebration

"Little Norway"

Saturday    June 25, 2005

10:00 am Hall open for visiting, coffee and donuts.
NOON until 2 PM  - Train Rides                  (fun time for the kids!)                  
3:00 pm Parade  (Entries Welcome)      
5:00 pm Supper                          
7:30 pm Program                         
9:00 pm Dance in Hall  "Carrier Bros Jukebox"
9:00 pm

Street Dance  "Hard Times"                 

Sunday     June 26, 2005

11 am All Faiths Service - Our Redeemer's

NOON Meal to Follow (Hot Dogs Provided - Pot Luck)

* Historical Note *

AADALEN CHURCH  (1 Mile South of Fairdale)

Will Be Open 1-3 PM Saturday and Sunday with a Short Program 2:30 on Sunday with Coffee






How many of these nicknames do you remember? Maybe you can think of more? Send Email

Bomber Bud Dewey


Gump Twinkle Toes Dutch
Mud Deacon Streaking Deacon
Swede Tut Reckless
Hank Cowboy Pea Soup
Squeak Casey Skinny
Scotty Tuffy Cookie
Popeye Butch Pudgy
Red Lightning Tug & Pull

Give up?  Check Here







Knicknames - How many did you get?

Bomber Duane Severson
Bud Carl Verke, Jr.
Dewey Ernest Hanson
Smoky Elmo Johnson
Spike Albert Hanson
Plinks Vernon Dahlgren
Gump Elwood Johnson
Twinkle Toes Roger Severson
Dutch Lloyd Lien
Mud Elmer Lian
Deacon Harris Lien
Streaking Deacon Pastor Emil Griener
Swede Alfred Robb
Tut Sterlin Rygg
Reckless Ray Westby
Hank Henry Johnson
Cowboy Vernon Vejtasa
Pea Soup George Latulippe
Squeek Harold Arneson
Casey Mylo Lien
Skinny Omar Johnson
Scotty Paul Chally
Tuffy Cliff Holth
Cookie Amelia Westby
Red Marvin Skytland
Lightning Andrew Aune
Tug & Pull Emma Aune & Stella Stoa
Butch Byron Nordby
Popeye Lloyd Iverson
Pudgy Monica  Hejlik

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